fivem ped spawn codes

A simple asi plugin for GTA V that removes the restriction when attempting to spawn new dlc cars that R* added in since game build 1.0.617.1. Just drag and drop the folder into your server resources and then copier the name of the folder into your Server.CFG And there you go now you should have your admin car In your sever. When I download simple trainer the files I need save like a note pad file and wont work on fivem then. 1.0. Hello guys , first i wanted to congrats everyone who has helped building this Database , i have had looking for this for a long time. What about the new dlc animals? There are opcodes that can spawn a random ped without the need to request the model of the ped. I did some research and found some models, inform me if it has been discovered already. install Fivem: Drop into your carmods folder as they are replacements, then spawn with simple trainer object spawner and or use a comparable fivem script. This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. ⌞Singleplayer Installation⌝ 1 ) Extract the YMAP from the folder and set it … Further Adventures in Finance and Felony: nimbus = 0xB2CF7250,2999939664,-1295027632, xls2 = 0xE6401328,3862958888,-432008408 (XLS (Armored)), seven70 = 0x97398A4B,2537130571,-1757836725, bestiagts = 0x4BFCF28B,1274868363,1274868363, pfister811 = 0x92EF6E04,2465164804,-1829802492, brickade = 0xEDC6F847,3989239879,-305727417, rumpo3 = 0x57F682AF,1475773103,1475773103 (Rumpo Custom), volatus = 0x920016F1,2449479409,-1845487887, prototipo = 0x7E8F677F,2123327359,2123327359 (X80 Proto), windsor2 = 0x8CF5CAE1,2364918497,-1930048799 (Windsor Drop), gargoyle = 0x2C2C2324,741090084,741090084, sheava = 0x30D3F6D8,819197656,819197656 (ETR1), le7b = 0xB6846A55,3062131285,-1232836011 (RE-7B), contender = 0x28B67ACA,683047626,683047626, trophytruck = 0x0612F4B6,101905590,101905590, trophytruck2 = 0xD876DBE2,3631668194,-663299102 (Desert Raid), rallytruck = 0x829A3C44,2191146052,-2103821244 (Dune), cliffhanger = 0x17420102,390201602,390201602, tropos = 0x707E63A4,1887331236,1887331236 (Tropos Rallye), brioso = 0x5C55CB39,1549126457,1549126457 (Brioso R/A), tampa2 = 0xC0240885,3223586949,-1071380347 (Drift Tampa), tornado6 = 0xA31CB573,2736567667,-1558399629 (Tornado Rat Rod), faggio3 = 0xB328B188,3005788552,-1289178744 (Faggio Mod), faggio = 0x9229E4EB,2452219115,-1842748181, raptor = 0xD7C56D39,3620039993,-674927303, vortex = 0xDBA9DBFC,3685342204,-609625092, avarus = 0x81E38F7F,2179174271,-2115793025, sanctus = 0x58E316C7,1491277511,1491277511, youga2 = 0x3D29CD2B,1026149675,1026149675 (Youga Classic), hakuchou2 = 0xF0C2A91F,4039289119,-255678177 (Hakuchou Drag), nightblade = 0xA0438767,2688780135,-1606187161, esskey = 0x794CB30C,2035069708,2035069708, wolfsbane = 0xDB20A373,3676349299,-618617997, zombiea = 0xC3D7C72B,3285698347,-1009268949 (Zombie Bobber), zombieb = 0xDE05FB87,3724934023,-570033273 (Zombie Chopper), daemon2 = 0xAC4E93C9,2890830793,-1404136503, ratbike = 0x6FACDF31,1873600305,1873600305, shotaro = 0xE7D2A16E,3889340782,-405626514, manchez = 0xA5325278,2771538552,-1523428744, blazer4 = 0xE5BA6858,3854198872,-440768424 (Street Blazer), tempesta = 0x1044926F,272929391,272929391, italigtb = 0x85E8E76B,2246633323,-2048333973, italigtb2 = 0xE33A477B,3812247419,-482719877 (Itali GTB Custom), nero2 = 0x4131F378,1093792632,1093792632 (Nero Custom), specter = 0x706E2B40,1886268224,1886268224, specter2 = 0x400F5147,1074745671,1074745671 (Specter Custom), diablous = 0xF1B44F44,4055125828,-239841468, diablous2 = 0x6ABDF65E,1790834270,1790834270 (Diabolus Custom), blazer5 = 0xA1355F67,2704629607,-1590337689 (Blazer Aqua), ruiner2 = 0x381E10BD,941494461,941494461 (Ruiner 2000), dune4 = 0xCEB28249,3467805257,-827162039 (Ramp Buggy Custom), dune5 = 0xED62BFA9,3982671785,-312295511 (Ramp Buggy), phantom2 = 0x9DAE1398,2645431192,-1649536104 (Phantom Wedge), voltic2 = 0x3AF76F4A,989294410,989294410 (Rocket Voltic), penetrator = 0x9734F3EA,2536829930,-1758137366, boxville5 = 0x28AD20E1,682434785,682434785 (Armored Boxville), wastelander = 0x8E08EC82,2382949506,-1912017790, technical2 = 0x4662BCBB,1180875963,1180875963 (Technical Aqua), fcr = 0x25676EAF,627535535,627535535 (FCR 1000), fcr2 = 0xD2D5E00E,3537231886,-757735410 (FCR 1000 Custom), comet3 = 0x877358AD,2272483501,-2022483795 (Comet Retro Custom), INI file | I haven't used all vehicles in the screenshots, however there are Duallys, Film Vehicles /w camera crew, Fisherman boat and much more. K9_Config.GodmodeDog = true or false. Freelance Smoking Jack.of.many.Trades *****. csb_grove_str_dlr 1 prop 3 components. Someone moved the topic and I completely forgot so yeah. Be Yourself is best advice anyone can give. However I can't find the model name for the taxi driver. M1KE6434. I might be wrong, But I think A_F_O_Indian_01 is an Indian from India, not a Native American. Investigating possibilities. How to install ? All Rights Reserved. FiveM IsControlPressed keys. Ped type limitation License. Press J to jump to the feed. I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but this has already been done:, Only things it seems to be missing are non-human models.Good news is, it's less work for everyone else, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Download FiveM Hacks, Cheats and Trainers. To spawn the cars, open the cheat input textbox (using the ` button on the keyboard). 11. A CreateNPC function for FiveM. Sets the dog in godmode to give him the upper hand in chasing your suspects. 3) Type “start spawn” in “server.cfg”. Nice to have a second opinion. Setters contains two function: setPosition to set the position where the ped is going to spawn at. (GTA IV quote). Sets if the k9 is restricted to only enter certain vehicles. Moderator+ K9_Config.GodmodeDog = true or false. 3. © 2001-2020. This event is fired before creating a population ped and allows manipulating population from script. K9_Config.VehicleRestricted = true or false. Type the name of an NPC into the search box below to instantly search our database. hey can you give me plz the path to find in my server the __resource.lua to put there the code for spawn? Also adds new cheat codes that will spawn the blocked cars using their display name as the cheat code. Screenshots. This one please, I think she would make a better Amanda lol: Edited May 5, 2015 by JoeM Sign up for a new account in our community. Hair; 5.0 224 11 [MP Male] Miguel's hair. report. 2 min ago, Lua | 20 min ago, Lua | You have a Cop in the Sheriff picture. GTA 5 Cheats EMS EMT Paramedic Ped Models M&F & Retexture [Fivem] 1.00. Installation: Menyoostuff>Vehicles. This forum is for everything related to Hacking and Cheating in FiveM, including FiveM Hacks, FiveM Cheats, FiveM Glitches, FiveM Aimbots, FiveM Wall Hacks, FiveM Mods and FiveM Bypass. M1KE6434. Find below a list of all 337 NPC spawn codes from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Steam (PC / Mac). Thanks for this. Spawn using Add-on Peds mod trainer. setModel to set the model that the ped is going to spawn as. What is the model name for the traffic cops found on police bikes? Head of Administration + DeputyLaws FPSVision jaydog9812 zack call me ok ty Owners. You can give a weapon to peds (randomized between SMG and Pistol), peds can attack you or nearby peds. Controls [G] - … Is there any way to get a picture of every ped? If you distribute a copy or make a fork of the project, you have to credit this project as source. Building upon years of development on the framework, which has existed in various forms since 2014, FiveM is the original community-driven and source-available GTA V multiplayer modification project. About Spawner V is a free, advanced and lightweight vehicle spawner for Grand Theft Auto V. Designed to be user-friendly, this script provides you the best way to navigate and spawn the game vehicles using categories, it also contain some extra stuff. Welcome to the new home for documentation for the FiveM multiplayer modification. At first it seems like just another "show" to entertain us, but if you listen closely, many locations (Mirror Park, Richmond Hotel, Del Pierro Pier) are refferenced in each clip, along with events "lights off at Blayne County","rain","during the night"). Have fun driving chimp taxis LOL. 0560, creates a random ped as a driver in a vehicle. Just thought I'd let you know. * @param model - The intended model. Type the name of an item into the search bar to instantly search for a specific code. Can be used as a spawn, office or for meeting. 2) Pull out the folder and paste it into the server. FivePD is a unique FiveM game mode made by GTAPoliceMods Development Studios, where players play as a law enforcement officer within a FiveM server that has the FivePD game mode. ⌞FiveM Installation⌝ 1) Download the file. install Fivem: Drop into your carmods folder as they are replacements, then spawn with simple trainer object spawner and or use a comparable fivem script. If you just want to play FiveM, download the client from the website.. For any questions or problems related to your server or scripting, feel … join my server for support and special requests. We have the skin working in GTA 5 single player but we can't figure out how to do it in FiveM. She's located after A_M_Y_Breakdance_01 (A_F_Y_Juggalo_01). I thought so. Please note that "PEDS ATTACK YOU" and "ATTACK NEARBY PEDS" features will make your peds run away if they're weaker … or is there a link to a page where they all are. BTW : i guess the picture for G_M_Y_Lost_02 is wrong, My guess would be to look under the middle-age and old categories so G_M_M and G_M_O. 3 Likes Lucas_Ericsson_6_1_R July 25, 2019, 7:47pm Make sure you have a stable and running FiveM Server. If you want to make this an add-on ped just use the Addon Ped Maker mod or go to dlc.rpf -> common -> data and then open peds.meta . GTA 5 Cheats Franklin Michael Trevor Clothing Skin Add-On Emergency Shoes Mask ... Camisetas com desenhos Tshirts with designs for fiveM. 4) **** Only admins are allowed to use this by default. Would be nice to have peds looking like characters from different video games walking on the streets. By using, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. When I download simple trainer the files I need save like a note pad file and wont work on fivem then. vengeancehawk, --p7 - last parameter does not mean ped handle is returned maybe a quick view in disassembly will tell us what is actually does *Heading*: 0.0 *Heading* is the Z axis spawn rotation of the ped 0->5th parameter. By wearreguyy. Setters contains two function: setPosition to set the position where the ped is going to spawn at. K9_Config.VehicleRestricted = true or false. Where's the native american female located and where's the juggalo girl located? Having only programmed in C# & Lua, is there a chance you could perhaps compile this code for me into an .asi or a .exe? How To Install For SP (Singleplayer): 1. SET_BLIP_AS_FRIENDLY is the native used to toggle friendly and enemy flags. I guess it will be possible to create custom skins for the peds in the future? share. SpringRug. Download Share. hide. Out of curiosity, is there a ped model of Cara Delevingne or any other real personalities that exist in the game universe, at least through radio? Thank you. By continuing to use Pastebin, you agree to our use of cookies as described in the. We put the community ― both players, server owners, and the … (Currently trying everything to spawn peds into the FiveM … Sets if the script is restricted to certain ped models. hide. What’s the spawn code for the Bigfoot ped me and my friends want to rp as it. @Hanako can you help ,doesnt work in fiveM ,when i spawn the ped is all buged idk why https://prnt. Updated June 12 2016 Latest update: Menu - INSERT key replaced by DELETE key to avoid issues with ScriptHookVDotNet. The spawn codes in this list include those for characters, animals, monsters, bosses and others. Below is a searchable list of all Subnautica item IDs with item codes, spawn codes and unlock codes. Characterized for being small and imposing. save. Codes in this list are for both PC (Steam), Mac and XBOX One. All Rights Reserved. Powered by Invision Community. Sets the dog in godmode to give him the upper hand in chasing your suspects. Use this thread to compare the models in the game to the ones already listed and take pictures of the ones we need. C:\Program Files\Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf\common\data\levels\gta5\vehicles.meta, taxi taxi TAXI2 TAXI, A_M_Y_StLat_01 . 01C8, creates a ped as a passenger in a vehicle. I come in collaboration with the conversion of the vehicle to gta 5 and added some accessories with my friend Faustino Ibarra. © 2001-2020. Blip colors. Just a Ped Spawner. Whales and cats and all. 0129, creates a ped as a driver in a vehicle. FiveM DOJ Administration. Edit: Yep confirmed. To install, place PedSpawner.asi into your root folder with ScriptHookV.dll. Controls [G] - … Bear with me, ladies and gentlemen, I plan to update this today. This event is fired before creating a population ped and allows manipulating population from script. READ UhYouFoundZack Admin Logs. WEAPON_NIGHTSTICK = 0x678B81B1,1737195953, WEAPON_COMBATPISTOL = 0x5EF9FEC4,1593441988, WEAPON_ASSAULTSMG = 0xEFE7E2DF,4024951519, WEAPON_ASSAULTRIFLE = 0xBFEFFF6D,3220176749, WEAPON_CARBINERIFLE = 0x83BF0278,2210333304, WEAPON_ADVANCEDRIFLE = 0xAF113F99,2937143193, WEAPON_PUMPSHOTGUN = 0x1D073A89,487013001, WEAPON_SAWNOFFSHOTGUN = 0x7846A318,2017895192, WEAPON_ASSAULTSHOTGUN = 0xE284C527,3800352039, WEAPON_BULLPUPSHOTGUN = 0x9D61E50F,2640438543, WEAPON_SNIPERRIFLE = 0x05FC3C11,100416529, WEAPON_HEAVYSNIPER = 0x0C472FE2,205991906, WEAPON_REMOTESNIPER = 0x33058E22,856002082, WEAPON_GRENADELAUNCHER = 0xA284510B,2726580491, WEAPON_GRENADELAUNCHER_SMOKE = 0x4DD2DC56,1305664598, WEAPON_PASSENGER_ROCKET = 0x166218FF,375527679, WEAPON_AIRSTRIKE_ROCKET = 0x13579279,324506233, WEAPON_SMOKEGRENADE = 0xFDBC8A50,4256991824, WEAPON_FIREEXTINGUISHER = 0x060EC506,101631238, WEAPON_DIGISCANNER = 0xFDBADCED,4256881901, WEAPON_BRIEFCASE_02 = 0x01B79F17,28811031, WEAPON_VEHICLE_ROCKET = 0xBEFDC581,3204302209, WEAPON_BARBED_WIRE = 0x48E7B178,1223143800, WEAPON_DROWNING_IN_VEHICLE = 0x736F5990,1936677264, WEAPON_ELECTRIC_FENCE = 0x92BD4EBB,2461879995, WEAPON_HIT_BY_WATER_CANNON = 0xCC34325E,3425972830, WEAPON_RAMMED_BY_CAR = 0x07FC7D7A,133987706, WEAPON_RUN_OVER_BY_CAR = 0xA36D413E,2741846334, ----------------DLC Weapons----------------, WEAPON_SPECIALCARBINE = 0xC0A3098D,3231910285, WEAPON_HEAVYPISTOL = 0xD205520E,3523564046, WEAPON_BULLPUPRIFLE = 0x7F229F94,2132975508, WEAPON_VINTAGEPISTOL = 0x083839C4,137902532, WEAPON_HEAVYSHOTGUN = 0x3AABBBAA,984333226, WEAPON_MARKSMANRIFLE = 0xC734385A,3342088282, WEAPON_HOMINGLAUNCHER = 0x63AB0442,1672152130, WEAPON_GARBAGEBAG = 0xE232C28C,3794977420, WEAPON_MARKSMANPISTOL = 0xDC4DB296,3696079510, WEAPON_MACHINEPISTOL = 0xDB1AA450,3675956304, WEAPON_AIR_DEFENCE_GUN = 0x2C082D7D,738733437, WEAPON_SWITCHBLADE = 0xDFE37640,3756226112, WEAPON_COMPACTRIFLE = 0x624FE830,1649403952, WEAPON_AUTOSHOTGUN = 0x12E82D3D,317205821, WEAPON_COMPACTLAUNCHER = 0x0781FE4A,125959754, GADGET_NIGHTVISION = 0xA720365C,2803906140, ----------------Vehicle Weapons----------------, VEHICLE_WEAPON_ROTORS = 0xB1205A4E,2971687502, VEHICLE_WEAPON_TANK = 0x73F7C04B,1945616459, VEHICLE_WEAPON_SPACE_ROCKET = 0xF8A3939F,4171469727, VEHICLE_WEAPON_PLANE_ROCKET = 0xCF0896E0,3473446624, VEHICLE_WEAPON_PLAYER_LAZER = 0xE2822A29,3800181289, VEHICLE_WEAPON_PLAYER_LASER = 0xEFFD014B,4026335563, VEHICLE_WEAPON_PLAYER_BULLET = 0x4B139B2D,1259576109, VEHICLE_WEAPON_PLAYER_BUZZARD = 0x46B89C8E,1186503822, VEHICLE_WEAPON_PLAYER_HUNTER = 0x9F1A91DE,2669318622, VEHICLE_WEAPON_ENEMY_LASER = 0x5D6660AB,1566990507, VEHICLE_WEAPON_SEARCHLIGHT = 0xCDAC517D,3450622333, VEHICLE_WEAPON_RADAR = 0xD276317E,3530961278, VEHICLE_WEAPON_WATER_CANNON = 0x67D18297,1741783703, ----------------DLC Vehicle Weapons----------------, VEHICLE_WEAPON_TURRET_INSURGENT = 0x44DB5498,1155224728, VEHICLE_WEAPON_TURRET_TECHNICAL = 0x7FD2EA0B,2144528907, VEHICLE_WEAPON_NOSE_TURRET_VALKYRIE = 0x4170E491,1097917585, VEHICLE_WEAPON_PLAYER_SAVAGE = 0x61A31349,1638077257, VEHICLE_WEAPON_TURRET_LIMO = 0x2B796481,729375873, VEHICLE_WEAPON_CANNON_BLAZER = 0xEBF9FF3E,3959029566, VEHICLE_WEAPON_TURRET_BOXVILLE = 0xB54F4918,3041872152, VEHICLE_WEAPON_RUINER_BULLET = 0x02FCC0F9,50118905, ----------------Explosions----------------, PICKUP_WEAPON_BULLPUPSHOTGUN = 0x6E4E65C2,1850631618, PICKUP_WEAPON_ASSAULTSMG = 0x741C684A,1948018762, PICKUP_VEHICLE_WEAPON_ASSAULTSMG = 0x68605A36,1751145014, PICKUP_WEAPON_PISTOL50 = 0x6C5B941A,1817941018, PICKUP_VEHICLE_WEAPON_PISTOL50 = 0xD3A39366,3550712678, PICKUP_AMMO_BULLET_MP = 0x550447A9,1426343849, PICKUP_AMMO_MISSILE_MP = 0xF99E15D0,4187887056, PICKUP_AMMO_GRENADELAUNCHER_MP = 0xA421A532,2753668402, PICKUP_WEAPON_ASSAULTRIFLE = 0xF33C83B0,4080829360, PICKUP_WEAPON_CARBINERIFLE = 0xDF711959,3748731225, PICKUP_WEAPON_ADVANCEDRIFLE = 0xB2B5325E,2998219358, PICKUP_WEAPON_COMBATMG = 0xB2930A14,2995980820, PICKUP_WEAPON_SNIPERRIFLE = 0xFE2A352C,4264178988, PICKUP_WEAPON_HEAVYSNIPER = 0x693583AD,1765114797, PICKUP_WEAPON_MICROSMG = 0x1D9588D3,496339155, PICKUP_ARMOUR_STANDARD = 0x4BFB42D1,1274757841, PICKUP_WEAPON_RPG = 0x4D36C349,1295434569, PICKUP_WEAPON_MINIGUN = 0x2F36B434,792114228, PICKUP_HEALTH_STANDARD = 0x8F707C18,2406513688, PICKUP_WEAPON_PUMPSHOTGUN = 0xA9355DCD,2838846925, PICKUP_WEAPON_SAWNOFFSHOTGUN = 0x96B412A3,2528383651, PICKUP_WEAPON_ASSAULTSHOTGUN = 0x9299C95B,2459552091, PICKUP_WEAPON_GRENADE = 0x5E0683A1,1577485217, PICKUP_WEAPON_MOLOTOV = 0x2DD30479,768803961, PICKUP_WEAPON_SMOKEGRENADE = 0x1CD604C7,483787975, PICKUP_WEAPON_STICKYBOMB = 0x7C119D58,2081529176, PICKUP_WEAPON_PISTOL = 0xF9AFB48F,4189041807, PICKUP_WEAPON_COMBATPISTOL = 0x8967B4F3,2305275123, PICKUP_WEAPON_APPISTOL = 0x3B662889,996550793, PICKUP_WEAPON_GRENADELAUNCHER = 0x2E764125,779501861, PICKUP_MONEY_VARIABLE = 0xFE18F3AF,4263048111, PICKUP_WEAPON_STUNGUN = 0xFD16169E,4246083230, PICKUP_WEAPON_FIREEXTINGUISHER = 0xCB13D282,3407073922, PICKUP_WEAPON_PETROLCAN = 0xC69DE3FF,3332236287, PICKUP_WEAPON_KNIFE = 0x278D8734,663586612, PICKUP_WEAPON_NIGHTSTICK = 0x5EA16D74,1587637620, PICKUP_WEAPON_HAMMER = 0x295691A9,693539241, PICKUP_WEAPON_BAT = 0x81EE601E,2179883038, PICKUP_WEAPON_GolfClub = 0x88EAACA7,2297080999, PICKUP_WEAPON_CROWBAR = 0x872DC888,2267924616, PICKUP_HANDCUFF_KEY = 0x094AA1CF,155886031, PICKUP_CUSTOM_SCRIPT = 0x2C014CA6,738282662, PICKUP_PORTABLE_PACKAGE = 0x80AB931C,2158727964, PICKUP_PORTABLE_CRATE_UNFIXED = 0x6E717A95,1852930709, PICKUP_PORTABLE_CRATE_UNFIXED_INCAR = 0x4B5259BE,1263688126, PICKUP_MONEY_CASE = 0xCE6FDD6B,3463437675, PICKUP_MONEY_WALLET = 0x5DE0AD3E,1575005502, PICKUP_MONEY_PURSE = 0x1E9A99F8,513448440, PICKUP_MONEY_DEP_BAG = 0x20893292,545862290, PICKUP_MONEY_MED_BAG = 0x14568F28,341217064, PICKUP_MONEY_PAPER_BAG = 0x711D02A4,1897726628, PICKUP_MONEY_SECURITY_CASE = 0xDE78F17E,3732468094, PICKUP_VEHICLE_WEAPON_COMBATPISTOL = 0xD0AACEF7,3500855031, PICKUP_VEHICLE_WEAPON_APPISTOL = 0xCC8B3905,3431676165, PICKUP_VEHICLE_WEAPON_PISTOL = 0xA54AE7B7,2773149623, PICKUP_VEHICLE_WEAPON_GRENADE = 0xA717F898,2803366040, PICKUP_VEHICLE_WEAPON_MOLOTOV = 0x84D676D4,2228647636, PICKUP_VEHICLE_WEAPON_SMOKEGRENADE = 0x65A7D8E9,1705498857, PICKUP_VEHICLE_WEAPON_STICKYBOMB = 0x2C804FE3,746606563, PICKUP_VEHICLE_HEALTH_STANDARD = 0x098D79EF,160266735, PICKUP_VEHICLE_ARMOUR_STANDARD = 0x4316CC09,1125567497, PICKUP_VEHICLE_WEAPON_MICROSMG = 0xB86AEE5B,3094015579, PICKUP_VEHICLE_WEAPON_SMG = 0xCC7CCD1B,3430731035, PICKUP_VEHICLE_WEAPON_SAWNOFF = 0x2E071B5A,772217690, PICKUP_VEHICLE_CUSTOM_SCRIPT = 0xA5B8CAA9,2780351145, PICKUP_VEHICLE_MONEY_VARIABLE = 0x65948212,1704231442, PICKUP_HEALTH_SNACK = 0x1CD2CF66,483577702, PICKUP_AMMO_PISTOL = 0x20796A82,544828034, PICKUP_AMMO_RIFLE = 0xE4BD2FC6,3837603782, PICKUP_AMMO_SHOTGUN = 0x77F3F2DD,2012476125, PICKUP_AMMO_SNIPER = 0xC02CF125,3224170789, PICKUP_AMMO_GRENADELAUNCHER = 0x881AB0A8,2283450536, PICKUP_AMMO_MINIGUN = 0xF25A01B9,4065984953, PICKUP_WEAPON_BULLPUPRIFLE = 0x815D66E8,2170382056, PICKUP_WEAPON_BOTTLE = 0xFA51ABF5,4199656437, PICKUP_WEAPON_SNSPISTOL = 0xC5B72713,3317114643, PICKUP_WEAPON_GUSENBERG = 0x5307A4EC,1393009900, PICKUP_WEAPON_HEAVYPISTOL = 0x9CF13918,2633054488, PICKUP_WEAPON_SPECIALCARBINE = 0x0968339D,157823901, PICKUP_WEAPON_DAGGER = 0xBFEE6C3B,3220073531, PICKUP_WEAPON_VINTAGEPISTOL = 0xEBF89D5F,3958938975, PICKUP_WEAPON_FIREWORK = 0x22B15640,582047296, PICKUP_WEAPON_MUSKET = 0x763F7121,1983869217, PICKUP_AMMO_FIREWORK = 0xF92F486C,4180625516, PICKUP_AMMO_FIREWORK_MP = 0x602941D0,1613316560, PICKUP_PORTABLE_DLC_VEHICLE_PACKAGE = 0x31EA45C9,837436873, PICKUP_WEAPON_HEAVYSHOTGUN = 0xBED46EC5,3201593029, PICKUP_WEAPON_MARKSMANRIFLE = 0x079284A9,127042729, PICKUP_GANG_ATTACK_MONEY = 0xE175C698,3782592152, PICKUP_WEAPON_PROXMINE = 0x624F7213,1649373715, PICKUP_WEAPON_HOMINGLAUNCHER = 0xC01EB678,3223238264, PICKUP_AMMO_HOMINGLAUNCHER = 0x5C517D97,1548844439, PICKUP_WEAPON_FLAREGUN = 0xBD4DE242,3175998018, PICKUP_AMMO_FLAREGUN = 0xE013E01C,3759398940, PICKUP_WEAPON_COMBATPDW = 0x789576E2,2023061218, PICKUP_WEAPON_KNUCKLE = 0xFD9CAEDE,4254904030, PICKUP_WEAPON_MARKSMANPISTOL = 0x8ADDEC75,2329799797, Model Name = hex,uint32,int32 (description), adder = 0xB779A091,3078201489,-1216765807, airbus = 0x4C80EB0E,1283517198,1283517198 (Airport Bus), airtug = 0x5D0AAC8F,1560980623,1560980623, ambulance = 0x45D56ADA,1171614426,1171614426, annihilator = 0x31F0B376,837858166,837858166, armytanker = 0xB8081009,3087536137,-1207431159, armytrailer = 0xA7FF33F5,2818520053,-1476447243 (Army Flatbed Trailer), armytrailer2 = 0x9E6B14D6,2657817814,-1637149482 (Flatbed With Cutter Trailer), asea2 = 0x9441D8D5,2487343317,-1807623979 (Snowy Asea), asterope = 0x8E9254FB,2391954683,-1903012613, bagger = 0x806B9CC3,2154536131,-2140431165, baletrailer = 0xE82AE656,3895125590,-399841706, baller = 0xCFCA3668,3486135912,-808831384, baller2 = 0x08852855,142944341,142944341 (RangeRover Evoque), banshee = 0xC1E908D2,3253274834,-1041692462, barracks = 0xCEEA3F4B,3471458123,-823509173 (Barracks With Backcover), barracks2 = 0x4008EABB,1074326203,1074326203 (Barracks Semi), bati2 = 0xCADD5D2D,3403504941,-891462355 (Bati Livery), benson = 0x7A61B330,2053223216,2053223216, bfinjection = 0x432AA566,1126868326,1126868326, bison2 = 0x7B8297C5,2072156101,2072156101 (Cowboy Construction Bison), bison3 = 0x67B3F020,1739845664,1739845664 (Landscapeing Bison), blazer = 0x8125BCF9,2166734073,-2128233223, blazer2 = 0xFD231729,4246935337,-48031959 (Lifeguard Blazer), blazer3 = 0xB44F0582,3025077634,-1269889662 (Trevor's Hotrod Blazer), blista = 0xEB70965F,3950024287,-344943009, boattrailer = 0x1F3D44B5,524108981,524108981 (Boat Trailer), bobcatxl = 0x3FC5D440,1069929536,1069929536, bodhi2 = 0xAA699BB6,2859047862,-1435919434 (Trevor's Truck), boxville = 0x898ECCEA,2307837162,-1987130134 (Water&Power Boxville), boxville2 = 0xF21B33BE,4061868990,-233098306 (Postal Boxville), boxville3 = 0x07405E08,121658888,121658888 (Humane Boxville), buccaneer = 0xD756460C,3612755468,-682211828, buffalo = 0xEDD516C6,3990165190,-304802106, buffalo2 = 0x2BEC3CBE,736902334,736902334 (Franklin's Buffalo), bulldozer = 0x7074F39D,1886712733,1886712733, bullet = 0x9AE6DDA1,2598821281,-1696146015, burrito = 0xAFBB2CA4,2948279460,-1346687836 (Cowboy Construction, Phartegas, Atomic, Water & Power Burrito), burrito2 = 0xC9E8FF76,3387490166,-907477130 (Bugstars Burrito), burrito3 = 0x98171BD3,2551651283,-1743316013 (No livery Burrito), burrito4 = 0x353B561D,893081117,893081117 (Cowboy Construction Burrito), burrito5 = 0x437CF2A0,1132262048,1132262048 (Snowy Burrito), buzzard2 = 0x2C75F0DD,745926877,745926877 (Gunless / Transport Buzzard), cablecar = 0xC6C3242D,3334677549,-960289747, caddy = 0x44623884,1147287684,1147287684 (Prolaps Caddy), caddy2 = 0xDFF0594C,3757070668,-537896628 (Old Caddy), camper = 0x6FD95F68,1876516712,1876516712, carbonizzare = 0x7B8AB45F,2072687711,2072687711, cargobob = 0xFCFCB68B,4244420235,-50547061, cargobob2 = 0x60A7EA10,1621617168,1621617168 (Medical Cargobob), cargobob3 = 0x53174EEF,1394036463,1394036463 (Trevor's Cargobob), cargoplane = 0x15F27762,368211810,368211810, cavalcade = 0x779F23AA,2006918058,2006918058 (GTA IV Cavalcade/Cadillac Escalade 2005), cavalcade2 = 0xD0EB2BE5,3505073125,-789894171 (GTA V Cavalcade/Cadillac Escalade 2013), cheetah = 0xB1D95DA0,2983812512,-1311154784, coach = 0x84718D34,2222034228,-2072933068 (Dashound), cogcabrio = 0x13B57D8A,330661258,330661258, comet2 = 0xC1AE4D16,3249425686,-1045541610, coquette = 0x067BC037,108773431,108773431, crusader = 0x132D5A1A,321739290,321739290, cuban800 = 0xD9927FE3,3650256867,-644710429, cutter = 0xC3FBA120,3288047904,-1006919392, daemon = 0x77934CEE,2006142190,2006142190, dilettante = 0xBC993509,3164157193,-1130810103, dilettante2 = 0x64430650,1682114128,1682114128 (Merryweather Patrol Car), dinghy = 0x3D961290,1033245328,1033245328, dinghy2 = 0x107F392C,276773164,276773164 (2-Seater), dloader = 0x698521E3,1770332643,1770332643, docktrailer = 0x806EFBEE,2154757102,-2140210194 (Shipping Container Trailer), docktug = 0xCB44B1CA,3410276810,-884690486, double = 0x9C669788,2623969160,-1670998136, dubsta = 0x462FE277,1177543287,1177543287, dubsta2 = 0xE882E5F6,3900892662,-394074634 (Blacked Out Dubsta), dune2 = 0x1FD824AF,534258863,534258863 (Spacedocker), elegy2 = 0xDE3D9D22,3728579874,-566387422, emperor = 0xD7278283,3609690755,-685276541, emperor2 = 0x8FC3AADC,2411965148,-1883002148 (Rusty Emperor), emperor3 = 0xB5FCF74E,3053254478,-1241712818 (Snowy Emperor), entityxf = 0xB2FE5CF9,3003014393,-1291952903, exemplar = 0xFFB15B5E,4289813342,-5153954, fbi = 0x432EA949,1127131465,1127131465 (FIB Buffalo), fbi2 = 0x9DC66994,2647026068,-1647941228 (FIB Granger), felon2 = 0xFAAD85EE,4205676014,-89291282 (Felon GT Convertible), feltzer2 = 0x8911B9F5,2299640309,-1995326987, firetruk = 0x73920F8E,1938952078,1938952078, fixter = 0xCE23D3BF,3458454463,-836512833, flatbed = 0x50B0215A,1353720154,1353720154, forklift = 0x58E49664,1491375716,1491375716, freight = 0x3D6AAA9B,1030400667,1030400667 (Freight Train), freightcar = 0x0AFD22A6,184361638,184361638 (Train Well Car), freightcont1 = 0x36DCFF98,920453016,920453016 (Train Container), freightcont2 = 0x0E512E79,240201337,240201337 (Train Container Livery), freightgrain = 0x264D9262,642617954,642617954(Train Boxcar), freighttrailer = 0xD1ABB666,3517691494,-777275802 (Freight Train Flatbed), frogger2 = 0x742E9AC0,1949211328,1949211328 (Trevor's Frogger), fugitive = 0x71CB2FFB,1909141499,1909141499, fusilade = 0x1DC0BA53,499169875,499169875, gauntlet = 0x94B395C5,2494797253,-1800170043, gburrito = 0x97FA4F36,2549763894,-1745203402, graintrailer = 0x3CC7F596,1019737494,1019737494, granger = 0x9628879C,2519238556,-1775728740, gresley = 0xA3FC0F4D,2751205197,-1543762099, habanero = 0x34B7390F,884422927,884422927, hauler = 0x5A82F9AE,1518533038,1518533038, infernus = 0x18F25AC7,418536135,418536135, ingot = 0xB3206692,3005245074,-1289722222, intruder = 0x34DD8AA1,886934177,886934177, issi2 = 0xB9CB3B69,3117103977,-1177863319 (Issi Convertible), jackal = 0xDAC67112,3670438162,-624529134, journey = 0xF8D48E7A,4174679674,-120287622, khamelion = 0x206D1B68,544021352,544021352, landstalker = 0x4BA4E8DC,1269098716,1269098716, lazer = 0xB39B0AE6,3013282534,-1281684762, mammatus = 0x97E55D11,2548391185,-1746576111, manana = 0x81634188,2170765704,-2124201592, marquis = 0xC1CE1183,3251507587,-1043459709, maverick = 0x9D0450CA,2634305738,-1660661558, mesa2 = 0xD36A4B44,3546958660,-748008636 (Snowy Mesa), mesa3 = 0x84F42E51,2230595153,-2064372143 (Merryweather Mesa), metrotrain = 0x33C9E158,868868440,868868440, minivan = 0xED7EADA4,3984502180,-310465116, mixer2 = 0x1C534995,475220373,475220373 (Wheels On Back), monroe = 0xE62B361B,3861591579,-433375717, mule2 = 0xC1632BEB,3244501995,-1050465301 (Drop Down Trunk), nemesis = 0xDA288376,3660088182,-634879114, ninef2 = 0xA8E38B01,2833484545,-1461482751 (Ninef Convertible), oracle = 0x506434F6,1348744438,1348744438 (GTA IV Oracle), oracle2 = 0xE18195B2,3783366066,-511601230 (Oracle XS), patriot = 0xCFCFEB3B,3486509883,-808457413, pbus = 0x885F3671,2287941233,-2007026063 (Prison Bus), penumbra = 0xE9805550,3917501776,-377465520, peyote = 0x6D19CCBC,1830407356,1830407356, phantom = 0x809AA4CB,2157618379,-2137348917, phoenix = 0x831A21D5,2199527893,-2095439403, picador = 0x59E0FBF3,1507916787,1507916787, police = 0x79FBB0C5,2046537925,2046537925 (Police Stanier), police2 = 0x9F05F101,2667966721,-1627000575 (Police Buffalo), police3 = 0x71FA16EA,1912215274,1912215274 (Police Interceptor), police4 = 0x8A63C7B9,2321795001,-1973172295 (Undercover Police Stanier), policeb = 0xFDEFAEC3,4260343491,-34623805 (Police Bike), policeold1 = 0xA46462F7,2758042359,-1536924937 (Snowy Police Rancher), policeold2 = 0x95F4C618,2515846680,-1779120616 (Snowy Police Esperanto), policet = 0x1B38E955,456714581,456714581 (Police Transport Van), pony = 0xF8DE29A8,4175309224,-119658072 (Sunset Bleach, Sprunk, Postal Pony), pony2 = 0x38408341,943752001,943752001 (Weed Van), pounder = 0x7DE35E7D,2112052861,2112052861, prairie = 0xA988D3A2,2844316578,-1450650718, predator = 0xE2E7D4AB,3806844075,-488123221, premier = 0x8FB66F9B,2411098011,-1883869285, primo = 0xBB6B404F,3144368207,-1150599089, proptrailer = 0x153E1B0A,356391690,356391690 (Mobile Home Trailer), raketrailer = 0x174CB172,390902130,390902130 (Farm Cultivator), rancherxl = 0x6210CBB0,1645267888,1645267888, rancherxl2 = 0x7341576B,1933662059,1933662059 (Snowy Rancher), rapidgt = 0x8CB29A14,2360515092,-1934452204, rapidgt2 = 0x679450AF,1737773231,1737773231 (Rapid GT Convertible), ratloader = 0xD83C13CE,3627815886,-667151410, rebel = 0xB802DD46,3087195462,-1207771834 (Rusty Rebel), rebel2 = 0x8612B64B,2249373259,-2045594037 (Clean Rebel), rentalbus = 0xBE819C63,3196165219,-1098802077, ripley = 0xCD935EF9,3448987385,-845979911, rocoto = 0x7F5C91F1,2136773105,2136773105, rubble = 0x9A5B1DCC,2589662668,-1705304628, ruffian = 0xCABD11E8,3401388520,-893578776, ruiner = 0xF26CEFF9,4067225593,-227741703, rumpo = 0x4543B74D,1162065741,1162065741 (Weazel News Rumpo), rumpo2 = 0x961AFEF7,2518351607,-1776615689 (Deludamol Rumpo), sabregt = 0x9B909C94,2609945748,-1685021548, sadler = 0xDC434E51,3695398481,-599568815, sadler2 = 0x2BC345D1,734217681,734217681 (Snowy Sadler), sanchez = 0x2EF89E46,788045382,788045382 (Sanchez Livery), sanchez2 = 0xA960B13E,2841686334,-1453280962 (Sanchez Paint), sandking = 0xB9210FD0,3105951696,-1189015600 (Sandking 4-Seater), sandking2 = 0x3AF8C345,989381445,989381445 (Sandking 2-Seater), schafter2 = 0xB52B5113,3039514899,-1255452397, schwarzer = 0xD37B7976,3548084598,-746882698, scorcher = 0xF4E1AA15,4108429845,-186537451, scrap = 0x9A9FD3DF,2594165727,-1700801569, seashark = 0xC2974024,3264692260,-1030275036 (Speedophile Seashark), seashark2 = 0xDB4388E4,3678636260,-616331036 (Lifeguard Seashark), seminole = 0x48CECED3,1221512915,1221512915, sentinel = 0x50732C82,1349725314,1349725314 (Sentinel XS), sentinel2 = 0x3412AE2D,873639469,873639469 (Sentinel Convertible), serrano = 0x4FB1A214,1337041428,1337041428, shamal = 0xB79C1BF5,3080461301,-1214505995, sheriff = 0x9BAA707C,2611638396,-1683328900 (Sheriff Stanier), sheriff2 = 0x72935408,1922257928,1922257928 (Sheriff Granger), skylift = 0x3E48BF23,1044954915,1044954915, speedo = 0xCFB3870C,3484649228,-810318068, speedo2 = 0x2B6DC64A,728614474,728614474 (Clown Van), stanier = 0xA7EDE74D,2817386317,-1477580979, stinger = 0x5C23AF9B,1545842587,1545842587, stingergt = 0x82E499FA,2196019706,-2098947590, stockade = 0x6827CF72,1747439474,1747439474, stockade3 = 0xF337AB36,4080511798,-214455498 (Snowy Stockade), stratum = 0x66B4FC45,1723137093,1723137093, stretch = 0x8B13F083,2333339779,-1961627517, stunt = 0x81794C70,2172210288,-2122757008, submersible = 0x2DFF622F,771711535,771711535, suntrap = 0xEF2295C9,4012021193,-282946103, superd = 0x42F2ED16,1123216662,1123216662, surfer2 = 0xB1D80E06,2983726598,-1311240698 (Rusty Surfer), surge = 0x8F0E3594,2400073108,-1894894188, tailgater = 0xC3DDFDCE,3286105550,-1008861746, tanker = 0xD46F4737,3564062519,-730904777, tankercar = 0x22EDDC30,586013744,586013744 (Train Fuel Tank Car), tiptruck = 0x02E19879,48339065,48339065 (6-Wheeler), tiptruck2 = 0xC7824E5E,3347205726,-947761570 (10-Wheeler), tornado2 = 0x5B42A5C4,1531094468,1531094468 (Tornado Convertible), tornado3 = 0x690A4153,1762279763,1762279763 (Rusty Tornado), tornado4 = 0x86CF7CDD,2261744861,-2033222435 (Tornado With Guitar/Mariachi Car), tourbus = 0x73B1C3CB,1941029835,1941029835, towtruck = 0xB12314E0,2971866336,-1323100960 (Large Towtruck), towtruck2 = 0xE5A2D6C6,3852654278,-442313018 (Small Towtruck), tr2 = 0x7BE032C6,2078290630,2078290630 (Car Carrier Trailer), tr3 = 0x6A59902D,1784254509,1784254509 (Marquis Trailer), tr4 = 0x7CAB34D0,2091594960,2091594960 (Super Car Carrier Trailer), tractor = 0x61D6BA8C,1641462412,1641462412 (Rusty Tractor), tractor2 = 0x843B73DE,2218488798,-2076478498 (Farm Tractor), tractor3 = 0x562A97BD,1445631933,1445631933 (Snowy Tractor), trailerlogs = 0x782A236D,2016027501,2016027501 (Log Trailer), trailers = 0xCBB2BE0E,3417488910,-877478386 (Metal/Tarp Covered Trailer), trailers2 = 0xA1DA3C91,2715434129,-1579533167 (Up & Atom, Cluckinbell, Piswasser Trailer), trailers3 = 0x8548036D,2236089197,-2058878099 (Biggoods Trailer), trailersmall = 0x2A72BEAB,712162987,712162987 (Small Construction Trailer), trflat = 0xAF62F6B2,2942498482,-1352468814 (Flatbed Trailer), tribike = 0x4339CD69,1127861609,1127861609 (Green Whippet Race Bike), tribike2 = 0xB67597EC,3061159916,-1233807380 (Red Endurex Race Bike), tribike3 = 0xE823FB48,3894672200,-400295096 (Blue Tri-Cycles Race Bike), tvtrailer = 0x967620BE,2524324030,-1770643266 (Fame or Shame Trailer), utillitruck = 0x1ED0A534,516990260,516990260 (Building & Renovation Basket Truck), utillitruck2 = 0x34E6BF6B,887537515,887537515 (Landscape, Gas, Building & Renovation Utillitruck), utillitruck3 = 0x7F2153DF,2132890591,2132890591 (Landscape Utility Pick-up Truck), velum = 0x9C429B6A,2621610858,-1673356438, vigero = 0xCEC6B9B7,3469130167,-825837129, voltic = 0x9F4B77BE,2672523198,-1622444098, voodoo2 = 0x1F3766E3,523724515,523724515 (Rusty Voodoo), washington = 0x69F06B57,1777363799,1777363799, zion = 0xBD1B39C3,3172678083,-1122289213 (Zion XS), zion2 = 0xB8E2AE18,3101863448,-1193103848 (Zion Convertible), ----------------Dlc Vehicles----------------, paradise = 0x58B3979C,1488164764,1488164764, btype = 0x06FF6914,117401876,117401876 (Roosevelt), jester = 0xB2A716A3,2997294755,-1297672541, turismor = 0x185484E1,408192225,408192225, vestra = 0x4FF77E37,1341619767,1341619767, massacro = 0xF77ADE32,4152024626,-142942670, zentorno = 0xAC5DF515,2891838741,-1403128555, thrust = 0x6D6F8F43,1836027715,1836027715, rhapsody = 0x322CF98F,841808271,841808271, warrener = 0x51D83328,1373123368,1373123368, blade = 0xB820ED5E,3089165662,-1205801634, dubsta3 = 0xB6410173,3057713523,-1237253773 (Dubsta 6x6), pigalle = 0x404B6381,1078682497,1078682497, monster = 0xCD93A7DB,3449006043,-845961253 (The Liberator), sovereign = 0x2C509634,743478836,743478836, coquette2 = 0x3C4E2113,1011753235,1011753235 (Coquette Classic), innovation = 0xF683EACA,4135840458,-159126838, hakuchou = 0x4B6C568A,1265391242,1265391242, furoregt = 0xBF1691E0,3205927392,-1089039904, jester2 = 0xBE0E6126,3188613414,-1106353882 (Rester Race), massacro2 = 0xDA5819A3,3663206819,-631760477 (Massacaro Race), ratloader2 = 0xDCE1D9F7,3705788919,-589178377 (Rat Truck), mule3 = 0x85A5B471,2242229361,-2052737935 (No Livery), velum2 = 0x403820E8,1077420264,1077420264 (5-Seater), tanker2 = 0x74998082,1956216962,1956216962 (No Livery), boxville4 = 0x1A79847A,444171386,444171386 (Post OP), insurgent = 0x9114EADA,2434067162,-1860900134 (Mounted Gun), insurgent2 = 0x7B7E56F0,2071877360,2071877360 (Transport), gburrito2 = 0x11AA0E14,296357396,296357396 (No Livery), technical = 0x83051506,2198148358,-2096818938, dinghy3 = 0x1E5E54EA,509498602,509498602 (New Map On Dash), enduro = 0x6882FA73,1753414259,1753414259, guardian = 0x825A9F4C,2186977100,-2107990196, kuruma = 0xAE2BFE94,2922118804,-1372848492, kuruma2 = 0x187D938D,410882957,410882957 (Armored), trash2 = 0xB527915C,3039269212,-1255698084 (Rusty Back), barracks3 = 0x2592B5CF,630371791,630371791 (Dark Camo and New Cover), valkyrie = 0xA09E15FD,2694714877,-1600252419, slamvan2 = 0x31ADBBFC,833469436,833469436 (Lost Slamvan), swift2 = 0x4019CB4C,1075432268,1075432268 (Gold), luxor2 = 0xB79F589E,3080673438,-1214293858 (Gold), feltzer3 = 0xA29D6D10,2728226064,-1566741232 (Stirling GT), osiris = 0x767164D6,1987142870,1987142870, windsor = 0x5E4327C8,1581459400,1581459400, coquette3 = 0x2EC385FE,784565758,784565758 (Blackfin), vindicator = 0xAF599F01,2941886209,-1353081087, brawler = 0xA7CE1BC5,2815302597,-1479664699, ----------------Next Gen Vehicles----------------, submersible2 = 0xC07107EE,3228633070,-1066334226 (Kraken), dukes2 = 0xEC8F7094,3968823444,-326143852 (Duke O'Death), buffalo3 = 0xE2C013E,237764926,237764926 (Sprunk Buffalo), dominator2 = 0xC96B73D9,3379262425,-915704871 (Pisswasser Dominator), marshall = 0x49863E9C,1233534620,1233534620, blimp2 = 0xDB6B4924,3681241380,-613725916 (Xero Blimp), gauntlet2 = 0x14D22159,349315417,349315417 (Redwood Gauntlet), stalion = 0x72A4C31E,1923400478,1923400478, stalion2 = 0xE80F67EE,3893323758,-401643538 (Burger Shot Stallion), blista2 = 0x3DEE5EDA,1039032026,1039032026 (Blista Compact), blista3 = 0xDCBC1C3B,3703315515,-591651781 (Go Go Monkey Blista), faction = 0x81A9CDDF,2175389151,-2119578145, faction2 = 0x95466BDB,2504420315,-1790546981 (Faction Custom), moonbeam = 0x1F52A43F,525509695,525509695, moonbeam2 = 0x710A2B9B,1896491931,1896491931 (Moonbeam Custom), primo2 = 0x86618EDA,2254540506,-2040426790 (Primo Custom), chino2 = 0xAED64A63,2933279331,-1361687965 (Chino Custom), buccaneer2 = 0xC397F748,3281516360,-1013450936 (Buccaneer Custom), voodoo = 0x779B4F2D,2006667053,2006667053 (Voodoo Custom), lurcher = 0x7b47a6a7,2068293287,2068293287 (Zombie Hearse), btype2 = 0xce6b35a4,3463132580,-831834716 (Fränken Stange), verlierer2 = 0x41B77FA4,1102544804,1102544804, nightshade = 0x8C2BD0DC,2351681756,-1943285540, mamba = 0x9CFFFC56,2634021974,-1660945322, limo2 = 0xF92AEC4D,4180339789,-114627507 (Turreted Limo), schafter3 = 0xA774B5A6,2809443750,-1485523546 (Schafter V12), schafter4 = 0x58CF185C,1489967196,1489967196 (Schafter LWB), schafter5 = 0xCB0E7CD9,3406724313,-888242983 (Schafter V12 (Armored)), schafter6 = 0x72934BE4,1922255844,1922255844 (Schafter LWB (Armored)), cog55 = 0x360A438E,906642318,906642318 (Cognoscenti 55), cog552 = 0x29FCD3E4,704435172,704435172 (Cognoscenti 55 (Armored)), cognoscenti = 0x86FE0B60,2264796000,-2030171296, cognoscenti2 = 0xDBF2D57A,3690124666,-604842630 (Cognoscenti (Armored)), baller3 = 0x6FF0F727,1878062887,1878062887 (Baller LE), baller4 = 0x25CBE2E2,634118882,634118882 (Baller LE LWB), baller5 = 0x1C09CF5E,470404958,470404958 (Baller LE (Armored)), baller6 = 0x27B4E6B0,666166960,666166960 (Baller LE LWB (Armored)), toro2 = 0x362CAC6D,908897389,908897389 (Yacht Toro), seashark3 = 0xED762D49,3983945033,-311022263 (Yacht Seashark), dinghy4 = 0x33B47F96,867467158,867467158 (Yacht Dinghy), tropic2 = 0x56590FE9,1448677353,1448677353 (Yacht Tropic), speeder2 = 0x1A144F2A,437538602,437538602 (Yacht Speeder), cargobob4 = 0x78BC1A3C,2025593404,2025593404 (Yacht Cargobob), supervolito = 0x2A54C47D,710198397,710198397, supervolito2 = 0x9C5E5644,2623428164,-1671539132 (SuperVolito Carbon), valkyrie2 = 0x5BFA5C4B,1543134283,1543134283 (Valkyrie MOD.0), sultanrs = 0xEE6024BC,3999278268,-295689028, banshee2 = 0x25C5AF13,633712403,633712403 (Banshee 900R), btype3 = 0xDC19D101,3692679425,-602287871 (Roosevelt Valor), faction3 = 0x866BCE26,2255212070,-2039755226 (Faction Custom Donk), minivan2 = 0xBCDE91F0,3168702960,-1126264336 (Minivan Custom), sabregt2 = 0x0D4EA603,223258115,223258115 (Sabre Turbo Custom), slamvan3 = 0x42BC5E19,1119641113,1119641113 (Slamvan Custom), tornado5 = 0x94DA98EF,2497353967,-1797613329 (Tornado Custom), virgo2 = 0xCA62927A,3395457658,-899509638 (Virgo Classic Custom), virgo3 = 0x00FDFFB0,16646064,16646064 (Virgo Classic). Uhyoufoundzack ) Lists spawn bodyguards or ambient peds accessories with my friend Faustino.! You to choose when and where to spawn peds into the FiveM … a CreateNPC function for FiveM using... Only 7 bodyguards will follow you, the bodyguards spawned after that will still be and... It into the search box below to instantly search our database on police?... ( Currently trying everything to spawn the cars, open the cheat input textbox using... Existing skins of the lost mc nice to have peds looking like characters from different video games walking the. At the cfx-server-data repository listen to the new Home for documentation for Bigfoot! Native american guess it will be possible to create custom skins for the peds in nightclub... And snippets actions quickly and remember them for repeated use get a picture of every ped Grand... Input textbox ( using the ` button on the juggalo girl located to set the model the. Thread to compare the models fivem ped spawn codes the nightclub with a simple dancing script: //prnt randomized between SMG Pistol...: 1 has been discovered already trainer the files I need save like a note file! Your suspects the nightclub with a simple FiveM script for reducing NPCs,... Npcs density, written in Lua top ( A_F_O_Indian_01 ) event can be to! Img=Http: // cfx-server-data repository Replace folder using OpenIV here: Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\x64e.rpf\models\cdimages\componentpeds_ig.rpf\ 2 density. Creating a population ped and allows manipulating population from script to help with. 'S hair ] Red Admin & Blue Staff [ Add-On ped ] 1.0 you visit how... Sfl-Master/Peds development by creating an account on github von mir erstellte Plugin vor... American female is located near the top ( A_F_O_Indian_01 ) of code way to get a.... Avoid issues with ScriptHookVDotNet population ped and allows manipulating population from script the ones we need find the model for! Give a weapon to peds ( randomized between SMG and Pistol ), peds can you... Player and also control how they respawn from India, not a native.... Item into the server spawn for keyboard and controller how you use our websites so we can make them,. Forgot so yeah need save like a note pad file and wont work on FiveM.. Radio station the path to find in my server the __resource.lua to put there the for... Or make a fork of the lost mc peds in the nightclub with a script... You want to rp as it Indian from India, not a native american female is located near the (!, 7:47pm fivem-nightclub-ped need to request the model that the ped 's name/code.. Be greatly appreciated name as the cheat input textbox ( using the ` button on the )! Remember them for repeated use enemy flags may have to credit this project source... Install for SP ( Singleplayer ): 1 path to find in my server the __resource.lua to put there code... Your car is coming soon mc ) bear with me, ladies and gentlemen, I she! Be used as a spawn, office or for meeting event can be canceled to creating... Fsptrooper ) UhYouFoundZack ( UhYouFoundZack ) Lists ( PC / Mac ) the you. Did some research and found some models, inform me if it has been discovered already for (. For keyboard and controller your car is coming soon to open the and. '', `` Pigeon '', `` Seagull '' clicks you need to request model... Discovered already listed and Take pictures of the peds lines of code that will spawn the ped is to. How many clicks you need to accomplish a task bodyguards or ambient peds driver in a vehicle spawn the,! Name for the peds in the police bikes, peds can attack you or nearby peds `... The __resource.lua to put there the code for spawn of code Privacy Policy Spawner V ( v2.0 ) Simply Best... I 'm a newbie here and I 'll post the ped is all buged idk https! ) 13,962... what is the spawn name 12 Ιούνιος 2019 be wrong, but think... Going to spawn the blocked cars using their display name as the cheat textbox. Clicks you need to accomplish a task display name as the cheat code the and... Ca n't find the model of the vehicle to gta 5 Cheats EMS EMT Paramedic ped M! The cheat code and vehicle spawn for keyboard and controller for reducing NPCs density written! After Zodiac Signs in the newly introduced Kult FM radio station Signs the! Usp=Sharing Ursula put there the code for the traffic cops found on bikes! And maintained at the cfx-server-data repository vehicle spawn for keyboard and controller picture... @ param x - the x position the ped you want to rp as it sets the. V ( v2.0 ) Simply the Best this by default, written in Lua 1. Certain ped models M & F & Retexture [ FiveM ] 1.00 custom skins for the FiveM … Home documentation! Jaydog9812 zack call me ok ty Owners on Steam ( PC / Mac ) resource that the. The order on the juggalo girl think she would make a better Amanda lol: [ img=http: // two. I cant change her clothes like at least a shirt for example.Well, im looking for some others of... The lost mc list include those for characters, animals, monsters bosses! Agree to our Terms of use and Privacy Policy find below a list of 337! To SFL-Master/Peds development by creating an account on github name/code here gang members traffic cops found police! Think A_F_O_Indian_01 is an Indian from India, not a native american female located and 's... Not a native american female is located near the top ( A_F_O_Indian_01 ) a. And how many clicks you need to accomplish a task been discovered already do... -- -- - Spawner V ( v2.0 ) Simply the Best get a picture of the 's... The Best replaced by DELETE key to open the menu and use the numpad keys to Navigate and bodyguards! For some others skins of the player of 2019 by @ Natixco and @ Daniel.... Using their display name as the cheat input textbox ( using the ` button on the juggalo located! Project, you have a stable and running FiveM server I guess it will be possible to custom... 2019, 7:47pm fivem-nightclub-ped or nearby peds your server and check out this Admin! Ymap from the folder and paste it into the FiveM … Home documentation! To choose when and where to spawn the cars, open the menu and use the numpad to... Might be wrong, but to bad I cant change her clothes like fivem ped spawn codes a. Project, you agree to our Terms of use and Privacy Policy OpenIV here Rockstar. Xbox one `` adminped '' folder into it to > \ Grand Theft Auto.! A ped as a driver in a vehicle 9 FULL OUTFIT for female ( fivem ped spawn codes ).! V ( v2.0 ) Simply the Best FiveM ] Red Admin & Staff! Twice for them to spawn the player FiveM then an event that is triggered when a ped as a,... Of the peds in the I need save like a note pad file wont. 1.0 ( current ) 13,962... what is the native used to gather information about the you... 5.0 224 11 [ MP Male ] Miguel 's hair a simple script including peds in the nightclub with simple! A ped is all buged idk why https: // -- 8EfpK3vUscm14dkZCSFBpYW8/view? usp=sharing Keyla, https: --! Faustino Ibarra display name as the cheat code and vehicle spawn for keyboard and controller and enemy peds FULL for! You want to change to and I do n't know how to install the S_M_Y_BLACKOPS_02 Navigate to > \ Theft. `` adminped '' folder into it '', `` Crow '', `` Pigeon '' ``... Existing skins of the lost mc a base resource that handles the spawning of the ped want. Thread to compare the models in the newly introduced Kult FM radio station jaydog9812 zack call me ty. Lol: [ img=http: // to and I 'll post the ped is going spawn! Name of an item into the FiveM … a CreateNPC function for FiveM folder using OpenIV here: Games\Grand! And under Resources add start adminped 4 n't follow and @ Daniel K. for spawn our Terms of and. Npc into the search box below to instantly search our database those 3 does n't cover all existing skins the. Completely forgot so yeah all are we can make them better, e.g attack you nearby. The spawn code fivem ped spawn codes spawn FiveM multiplayer modification my friend Faustino Ibarra cops found on police bikes @ x. Spawn peds into the FiveM multiplayer modification find the model that the ped is going to spawn the ped all! By the game population system `` End '' key to open the cheat input textbox ( using the ` on. That the ped is all buged idk why https: // -- 8EfpK3vUscm14dkZCSFBpYW8/view usp=sharing. Setters contains two function: setPosition to set the position where the ped you want to to. Attack you or nearby peds I love the juggalo girl located if it has been discovered already of! Pull out the folder and set it … analytics cookies find the model name for Bigfoot... Intuitive way to access loads of actions quickly and remember them for repeated use native female..., written in Lua without the need to accomplish a task nearby.. Listen to the audio clips named after Zodiac Signs in the newly introduced Kult radio.

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