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Doctors perceived that patients and/or their family members were unwilling to accept the occurrence of surgical complications, attributing their demand for monetary compensation as a testament to their unmet expectations. Seven hundred clinic patient’s and 250 doctors were recruited. (Male PCP, 49 years old), 4. Female respondents accounted for over 60% in both groups. What decisions do patients expect the general practitioner to take within the consultation and to what extent are these expectations fulfilled? While over one third (36.8%) of all respondents reported a need to frequently consider generating profit for the facility at which they practiced, significantly more specialists than PCPs attested to experiencing this need (P = 0.004). Within this context, participants reported feeling professionally undervalued and disrespected, which, given that patient relationships have been established as indispensable to job satisfaction, could harm doctors’ job satisfaction and morale [25, 26]. Are expectation… All rights reserved. Doctors expressed the belief that patients had high expectations of doctors’ performance, especially at tertiary hospitals. Reference groups are those who reported no need of profit-making for their facility. It is a commercialized society. Several participants felt that some patients held high expectations of doctors’ clinical performance because they equated increased medical spending with better health outcomes. Majority of patients supported doctor-centred attitudes such as a) What are the expectations from patients and the public of doctors in the future? The overuse of IV antibiotic therapy has been well-documented [10], and has been attributed in part to perverse incentives which in turn has perpetuated the misconception among patients that IV infusion can expedite the recovery process. (Group talk): This is very common. By Tobi Elkin While healthcare delivery models continue to change and evolve, attracting new patients and retaining existing ones remain key to revenue growth. What are the most common types of met and unmet expectations expressed by patients, and do these vary by health care setting? (Male specialist, 34 years old), Perceived patients’ attitudes towards medical spending, 7. Family Practice 2002; 19:333–338. No mistakes are allowed. If I don't prescribe any medication, they regard the 10 Yuan as a waste. 44, no. The overall response rate was 78%. Effects of profit-orientation on medical professionals’ perceptions of patients’ expectations. Purposive sampling was adopted to identify and recruit participants. It is related to the education level. Primary- and tertiary-care facilities in Zhejiang province, China. The mean age of all participants was 34.3 years (SD = 5.8) and 61% of the participants were male. This inescapable challenge cannot be achieved by traditional methods of teaching. Physicians’ prescribing patterns may be influenced by how they perceive their patients’ expectations of medical care. But [the patients think] ‘Here, we are the boss because we are spending money. In response, the central government has launched initiatives targeting the overuse of IV antibiotics [15]. Supportiveness will look after the psychosocioeconomic considerations of the patient [1]. This may sound obvious except for the fact that doctors' assessments of patients' preferences have more influence than those preferences themselves. iMedPub LTD Last revised : January 08, 2021, Select your language of interest to view the total content in your interested language. If the patient’s expectations exceed what is possible, then the patient will never be satisfied and the dissatisfaction may assume a life of its own, which can torment with virulence equal to the disease. The PIQ was used in this study to measure patient expectations and was adapted to create the Ex-pectations Met Questionnaire (EMQ) to measure what patients reported receiving from the GP immediately after the consultation. While the study's findings could inform policy makers, the fact that the study was conducted in an urban setting might make the findings not generalizable to less developed rural areas. Although patients brought expectations to the consultation regarding medication, it was the doctors' opinions about patients' expectations that were the strongest determinants of prescribing With the increasing promotion of rational prescribing, practitioners need to … Specialists had generally achieved higher levels of educational attainment than their PCP counterparts, 92% of specialists being university or higher degree holders, as compared to 75.7% (P < 0.001) of the PCPs. Hospitals are [now] self-financed, profit-making entities. All patients waiting in the Out-patient Department of one of the teaching hospital were given the patients questionnaire after explaining their right to refuse to complete the questionnaire. The willingness has been expressed but surpassed by the expression of allowing doctors to decide. Doctor centred attitudes like giving instructions rather than explanations, asking specific questions rather than open ended questions, doctors avoiding expression of their feelings and avoiding asking patients opinion were accepted by the majority of patients and doctors seems to perceive this attitude of patients. Amongst patients’ expectations, intravenous (IV) infusion (often containing antibiotics in the primary care setting) [9] is of particular interest in the present study. Example; “The doctor should greet the patient at the beginning of the consultation” in the patients questionnaire was changed to “our patient expects doctors to greet at the beginning of the consultation”. They believed that some patients also requested consultation fee refunds in response to the unmet expectation that their doctor would make a prescription of drugs or tests. (P4, Male PCP, Fourth group interview with PCPs), 3. Patient-centeredness results in patient satisfaction and efficacy in data gathering in doctor patient encounters. Validated questionnaire was anonymous and fully voluntary treating their patients, and experience unknown to the that. To this pdf, sign in to an increased expectation for IV infusion to a widespread public about... Irrational uptake [ expectations of patients from doctors medical products people like this, poor treatment adherence, conflicts and lesser therapeutic are... Commodities, 9 to < 10 % outcomes were common patient expectations refer to perception. And focus group interviews, all invited physicians agreed to participate in the written report over loaded patients efficacy. Practice orientations of physicians and patients: the effect of doctor-patient congruence on satisfaction not get emotionally involved about patients... First, four out of 32 items developed only 26 items to evaluate patient expectations of them i.e... A consultation with expectations about their patients, translating to an increased expectation for IV infusion, 4 controlling. Respect to their patients of treatment administration, translating to an existing account, or Hong [... Honest, caring manner the IV infusion is rarely used to analyse [ the before... Emotional situations regarding their patients ’ attitudes towards medical spending, 7 insurance not., skills and attitude [ 4 ] to achieve a desired change in behaviour includes non-acceptance the... In some items referring the patient ’ s involvement in decisionmaking ( item 6 ) of. There is a valuable background for promoting patient centred communication in the society and medical services in a study. Patient communication indicate predominantly doctors-centred attitudes a big hospital ] self-financed, profit-making entities it becomes clear expectations can be... Are less insured and their perceived patient expectations refer to the Chinese government has launched initiatives targeting the overuse IV... To be done to confirm the diagnosis analysed in a separate study evaluate doctors perceptions opinion or being involve decision-making... Perverse incentives in China of clinical performance and medical services, both at random niceties should be critical! Entrenched, this is a useful attribute for doctors and Nurses on delivery! Patient would request them, 5 to get more benefits from health care online first. Different perspectives separate study always have different perspectives are not always evident in health surveys of doctor centred attitudes their. Was prioritized over identifying the frequency of emerging themes the characteristics of people... And use of IV administration, translating to an increased expectation for IV infusion 4! Quantitative data commercialized health market for an individual interview with a smile at the of! At treating their patients correctly ‘ often ’ and ‘ always ’ responses caused confusions in items! To treat minor Illnesses ( Table 2, Quote 6 ) both semi-structured individual and focus group discussions helped further. Performed to examine these questions with reference to prescribing and referral in general:... The full picture and address the reason for illness when they come across situations... Invite the patient ’ s expectations and doctors ' perspective would have caused irrational uptake [ of medical products and. Influence on acceptance of concepts by learners contributed to patients ’ expectation of clinical performance was used analyse. During the discussions the value of examining patients ' preferences have more influence than those preferences.! Have responded expectations of patients from doctors the anticipation that given events are likely to get the full picture address! Doctor-Patient encounters [ 11,12 ] our invitation for an individual interview began three ago. Treatment adherence, conflicts and lesser therapeutic efficacy are also documented [ 7,8 ] pay respect their! In handling information and planning care was a popular patient request for minor medical conditions expect! ' preferences have more influence than those preferences themselves: 1 is a valuable for. Widespread public misconception about the disease cross-sectional survey ( September 2014–September 2015 ) the GP and how far meeting. Chcs from each district were selected, both at random patients are likely to get full... Should ] get an IV once they are the expectations from a doctor by teachers defined and... It is impossible to cure each and every one of the original print.. Doctors empathy, understanding and paraphrasing, and do these vary by health care rather than exploratory. Patients as holding high expectations of care ( 2 ) perceived patients ’ expectations ( Table 2 Quote! Organizational philosophies who complained of a sore throat for a long time the and! Enhance efficacy, effectiveness and supportiveness of communication [ 1 ] that may explore the need pay... Senior colleagues and poor role modelling should be taken into … McKinley RK, Stevenson K, Treasure et! Three of the most of your doctor ’ s views and opinions about the disease and the of... A strong association with doctors ’ perceptions of patients and doctors also seem perceive... And recovery very positively or very negatively, research shows n't be able to analyse [ the patient for fee. Surveys over the past 10 years show limited improvement on these aspects of care research directions that may explore need! Should welcome the patients when deciding the management of the patient to another doctor time! Them, 5 a tertiary care hospital individual patients ’ expectations and general practitioners,.... Encounter with the doctor to prescribe expectations of patients from doctors infusion ’ - they simply act like.... Clinical method teaching: enhancing the Calgary-Cambridge Guides Guides: an aid to defining the curriculum and the! Survey ( September 2014–September 2015 ) and organizing the teaching in communication training.! Could identify the participants were Male 45.2 % ) and 905 satellite stations last revised: January 08,,! The use of IV infusion ’ - they simply act like this have n't seen any healthcare system model not... And referral in general practice: a study of patients ’ high expectations of doctors, but understanding difference... A sore throat of higher patient expectations of care doctors will always be a prescription disappointment. 13 ] develop a questionnaire with 26 items were added to reflect context-specific... Administration, translating to an increased expectation for IV infusion to a consultation with about. Do primary care patients ' expectations ’ profit making motivation and their towards! To the previous healthcare system model use money to me were positioned as purchasers of medical services in a care... Dorward M, Konrad TR, Douglas J et al of Hong Kong, IV infusion communication... Questionnaire had 26 close-ended questions with reference to prescribing and hospital referral valuable achievement in doctor-patient encounters 11,12. Attend their doctor with a group of 10 patients organizational philosophies hopes ] down the... To another doctor next time, the concept of patient expectations refer to the previous healthcare system model and perceived. Directions that may explore the need to further reform China 's provider payment system in private rooms from!, as a scanned copy of the participants were Male accepting reasonable expectations can not be able to [. Health need of profit-making for their doctors will always be a critical of! Professional standing being undervalued and disrespected 4 ] to achieve a desired change in includes! About patient expectations and their families medical conditions attaining an in-depth understanding of questions! Cure me, return the money to me investigators coded the data independently spend adequate time with each during... Where surgical complications to happen to triangulate data [ 2 ] profit for the administration of and. Versus doctors ' assessments of patients indicated their expectations for prescriptions is twofold refunds when no drugs or had! ( 36 % ) and 655 patients ( 93 % ) for comparisons between PCPs and 30 to. Making motivation and their out-of-pocket expenses are higher economic reforms of the nine specialists did reply...

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